Balmoral Highland Dancing Society Inc. Balmoral Highland Dancing Society Inc. Balmoral Highland Dancing Society Inc.


Our Aims & Philosophies

The purpose of the Association is to promote and further the interests of Highland and National Dancing, for the benefit of its members. There are a number of basic aims which the membership considers to be non negotiable and are, we believe, the reason for our ongoing success.

  1. To make dancing FUN at all levels.
  2. To encourage participation at all levels.
  3. To value every person in the club for their contribution - what ever that may be.
  4. To promote self worth and respect for others at every level.
  5. To encourage every dancer, regardless of their level of ability and applaud any personal achievement.
  6. To uphold pride in being a Balmoral and part of the Victorian Scottish Union.
  7. To support each other at every level and put fellowship ahead of winning.

Each dancer should be encouraged to perform to the best of their ability and to have their progress measured against previous personal performances rather than against that of the group or other individuals.


Welcome to Balmoral Highland Dancing Society Inc.

Established in Wangaratta, North East Victoria in 1949 the Society organises classes, competitions and exhibitions of Scottish highland dancing, sailors hornpipe dancing, National, aboyne and Irish dancing throughout the North East. An affiliate of the Victorian Scottish Union and a Member of the Scots of Victoria Co-ordinating Group, the Society is actively represented at State level by delegates to the Victorian Scottish Union Council and a District Vice President for North East Victoria.

Some of our dancers compete at State level, whilst others attend local classes and exhibitions or just come to class for fitness and fun activities. Dances performed include the Highland Fling, Seann Triubhas, Sword Dance, Strathspey Reel, Reel O Tulloch, Hopetoun Reel, Clansman Sword, Sailors Hornpipe, Irish Jig, Irish Jig and Reel, Irish Reel, Shillelagh Jig, Scottish Lilt, Flora McDonalds Fancy and Miss Forbes. Learner dancers may also perform Pas des Basques or Toe Heels. A Massed Highland Fling is often performed at exhibitions and Highland Gatherings.

Please contact the class teachers for all individual class enquiries.

Balmoral Highland Dancing


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